In the shower door market there are numerous products that are available and all of the various options out there can appear overwhelming.  Just because you have seen something in a magazine or on vacation does not necessarily mean that it’s the proper layout for you specific bathroom. First thing to consider is where and how you will enter your glass enclosure? Should it be a swing door? Hinging off the wall or another piece of glass? Will a slider be the best option to allow usability in that tight space? Maybe get rid of the door altogether and go with a single stationary glass panel? All of these questions are specific to your unique space and should be addressed when making a decision of which shower door is right for you. Budget can also be an important factor that you should consider when shopping a glass shower enclosure. Can you really afford to make the glass floor to ceiling using ½ inch glass and polished nickel hardware? Or do you need to settle for a less ambitious framed door with ¼ glass and chrome hardware? There are a lot of things that can help improve the price by being open with your estimator about what you are prepared to spend.  If you’re set on a frameless glass enclosure what is the difference between 3/8 and ½ inch glass? The 3/8in is great in providing that elegant and durable look while still being light enough to help your hardware maintain its functionality. If you’re looking for that extra “wow factor” than maybe you should consider using ½in glass, but be prepared to pay quite a lot more. Smaller glass like ¼in and 3/16in is used in shower doors, however it is primarily utilized in framed doors in order to help strengthen the thinner glass. Hardware choices usually come down to whatever is already being used in the rest of the space, from faucets to trimmings in shower you should be able to come up with a matching hardware finish.  Handles are all in the eye of the beholder, but the market has been expanding the choices that are available in the glass shower door field so make sure you shop around and find one that is right for you. I hope this article was helpful, if you’re located on the greater Seattle area and need further assistance don’t hesitate to call (206) 338-6080 to schedule a free in home estimate!