A custom steam shower enclosure is a great way to turn your bathroom into your own private spa, a place to take refuge from the cold gray Seattle winters. The almost completely airtight glass shower system is designed to hold in as much steam as possible by the use of clear polycarbonate gaskets along the edges of the frameless glass. In most cases these shower enclosures are designed with a small transom glass above the door in order to fully enclose the space. However you may not need or want a transom if your enclosure is a bit shorter in height, if that’s the case we can run the door all the way up. One of the benefits of the transom is the option to have it “Operable” meaning the glass can swivel usually at the halfway point in order to open and close. This is useful in order to vent the steam if you find it overbearing or in case you would like to air out your glass steam shower enclosure and help things dry out quicker. You can also go with a stationary or fixed transom above the door if for instance the shower enclosure is quite tall, it can be a better option as most people won’t be able to reach said transom. Another thing to consider is the height of the transom, for if they get too tall in height the swiveling action of the hardware can be awkward to operate making the opening and closing of your transom tumultuous. If you’re thinking of designing a custom glass steam shower enclosure it is best to work alongside a reputable shower door company in your local area so there are no surprises. Better yet, working with a designer, architect and or contractor can alleviate any error in your glass shower door installation. If you are located in the greater Seattle area and would like to reach out for some more information in regards to custom steam shower enclosures please feel free to reach out at (206)338-6080 or email us anytime at sales@showerdoorwa.com.