When you’re thinking about having a frameless shower enclosure installed in your newly renovated bathroom the question of where exactly to place the glass on the threshold comes up often. In our world the technical term is “Center Line”, as in where is the center of the shower glass to be located on the threshold and or dam. If there is ample space in the shower and in the bathroom as well we usually default to having the glass installed down the center of the curb. If for some reason the inside of the shower area is on the narrower side of things we can bump the glass out on the curb providing more space for your shower experience. We do this with the help of offset hinges, most of the time the wall will end flush with the outside of the threshold. So in order to mount the door of the shower enclosure as far to the outside of the dam or curb as possible, the offset hinge provides a hinge plate with all the mounting hardware on the inside of the shower glass. Your standard hinge plate comes with screw holes located on both the outside and inside of the shower glass in order to equally distribute the weight. On an offset hinge there are just three screw holes all located on the inside of the mounting plate giving us the ability to push the heavy glass further out on threshold maximizing volume in your shower area. In some instances people will choose the offset hinges not for location reasons but purely for the streamlined look of not having the mounting holes exposed on the outside of the custom shower enclosure. Offset hinges are an awesome tool in the shower door installation process allowing for flexibility when installing frameless shower enclosures. If you would like more information on having a custom shower door or glass enclosure installed for your project and are located in the greater Seattle area please feel free to reach out to us at (206)338-6080.