Your bathroom is an important place in your home, a place most people spend an average of 1.5 to 2.5 hours a day in.  By adding an elegant and beautiful glass shower door you can greatly improve the look and feel of your ordinary bathroom space.  With constant improvements in the glass industry a custom frameless shower enclosure is not out of the budget of most homeowners today.  We all have been on vacation or rented homes and been in awe of the modern use of glass in there bathrooms by showering in all glass enclosure.  Not to mention the financial benefits of upgrading your home from that rickety aluminum shower door that creaks and is home to mold and other bacteria.  A frameless glass shower enclosure can increase the value of your home or condo and be a great investment down the road if your looking to sell or rent your home.  The shower door should be the jewel of your bathroom, the centerpiece that completes your remodel.  So when starting a renovation project in your bathroom it is wise to budget enough money to spend on the right shower door.  Time after time customers are financially and emotionally drained of resources and patience’s when designing their glass door.  It unfortunately tends to be the last thing considered, as it is usually the last step in completing your project.  Lead times for tempered safety glass can vary and are usually in the 2-3 weeks for install after measuring.  Rome wasn’t built in a day so it is important to hold on and make sure you make an informed decision so that your project is done the right way.  The feeling of using your truly custom glass shower enclosure day in and day out should be one of bliss.  You should love the way your bathroom looks especially after investing time and money into a remodel. The perfect way to compliment your beautiful home is with a custom glass shower door.  If you are located in the greater Seattle are and would like a free in home consultation please feel free to contact us.