creative_shower_door2A new trending application of heavy shower door glass (3/8in or ½in) in many homes across America seems to be getting rid of the cumbersome door and just using a single fixed panel leaving an opening for the user to walk into enclosure.  Stationary panel, shower screen, fixed panel are some of the terms used to describe such layouts.  Benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Saves a great deal on initial cost of shower enclosure
  • Less chance of a service call by removing the moving door
  • Not as much upkeep by having less glass surface area to clean
  • Creates a modern sleek look in any bathroom setting
  • Use savings to spend on a thicker or specialty glass finish for stationary
  • Considered safer by eliminating moving parts, keeping kids fingers safe

As you can see there may be numerous reasons to look into having a stationary glass shower panel. It can also be a game changer if the layout of your bathroom will not allow a swinging or bypass door.  However keep in mind with anything there are some drawbacks that we should mention before you make up your mind and choose a shower screen:

  • Absence of a door can cause a draft when showering
  • Holds in less of the steam on those cold months
  • Water can be more prone to leaking out of enclosure
  • Depending on who installs, adding a door later may be cumbersome

Whatever you’re planning to do we recommend that you consult a professional to come give you an in home estimate, who can help walk you through what is the best layout for your unique bathroom.  This particular layout is best in large enclosures where the water will not be near opening.  It also can present issues in children’s bathrooms as they are more prone to splash water around and make the floor slippery and unsafe. If you are located in the greater Seattle area please don’t hesitate to contact us at: (206) 338-6080 for a free estimate or to just chat about available options. We hope this was helpful, thanks for reading!