When designing your dream shower enclosure there are numerous options when it comes to choosing the right type of glass. The standard and most affordable option is clear glass, which is great in maintaining an open feeling, creating space and showcasing that impressive tile you had installed. The downside being that hard water stains will be more visible throughout the life of your shower enclosure. There are a few different products available to combat this such as EasyClean 10 which is a topical chemical that is applied to the glass during manufacturing. How it works is by filling in the microscopic pores of the glass with a clear resin as opposed to minerals and other metals found in water which is how the hard water stains build. The coating is warranted for 10 years and will not altogether eliminate this problem but definitely slow things down. If you really like clear and want museum grade optical glass there is a product called “Starphire” glass that contains less iron that is super clear and has more of a light blue tint to its edges rather than the standard green. Other than clear there are endless textured and patterned glasses that are available in 3/8 of an inch that can be used in creating custom shower doors. These are great in giving your bathroom some added style and detail also those pesky hard water marks are mostly hidden in the obscurity of the glass. However when using these types of glass you inevitably create another wall inside your bathroom which has the feeling of shrinking the room and hiding the beautiful tile work you’ve had done. There is a frosted glass that has a more modern look to it called “Satin Etch” that is a uniform opaque look, but again can be expensive depending on what square footage your shower enclosure ends up being.  If you need more information or have any questions about something your read today please feel free to reach out to us at (206)338-6080 and we’d be happy to help.


Satin Etch