Most shower door retailers will tell you when it comes to heavy glass shower door enclosures there is always potential for water to escape. By nature of the product, there are no overlapping seams, trim or framework to protect and keep water in on a consistent basis. However this is no cause for alarm, with the proper use of vinyl’s and a great installation the customer has a much greater chance of never having to deal with water outside there shower door.  First the planning and design of your shower should be thoughtfully considered as far as door location, enclosure size and faucet orientation.  Once the layout is decided upon, making sure the install is done in a professional manner is of upmost importance.  There is nothing more troublesome than a leaky custom shower enclosure, but do not worry! Using an array of small transparent vinyl adhered with hi bond double stick tape it is possible to make that heavy glass door become water tight.

Vinyl comes in multiple sizes and shapes giving you options to address almost any issue with whatever custom glass shower enclosure you own. The use of bottom sweeps can not only eliminate water from getting out under your glass door but also be useful as a guide to help line your door and adjacent panels up when exiting and entering. Ideally the vinyl on the back of the door(hinging side) is long enough to fold over on the wall or glass to make a tight seal but not too long as too fall off after consistent use. The use of a bulb seal can be used to make up the gap between the door and inline so that its narrow enough for water not to escape and ensuring the glass won’t be damaged if the hinges slip and the panels collide. If you have issues with a current leaky shower door enclosure or would like some help with layout of your upcoming project please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to serve the greater Seattle area and look forward to hearing from you.