When it comes to tight bathroom spaces a swinging shower door enclosure may not be a very good option. In that case you may want to consider a sliding shower door system instead. Sliding shower doors are great in allowing you access into your shower without the hinderance of a swinging shower door. Also you don’t have to deal with water getting on your floor due to a shower door swinging out after your shower experience. When it comes to sliding glass shower doors there are a few different options. There are the “Traditional” bypass shower doors with a bottom sill, side jambs and a header that most people are familiar with. Whats great about these shower doors is first the price and secondly having access to both sides of the shower to either to turn the water on and the ability to enter from both sides. Next and most popular is the “Frameless” or “Barn Door” type sliding shower door. Features a great minimal look and doesn’t have the tracks that makes cleaning an up keep easier. These can be more expensive and in most cases only one side will slide open as the stationary panel will hold the weight of the sliding shower door. However if its in your budget, there is a “Frameless” double bypass shower door that features a large stainless steel header that supports both the 3/8in glass panels to slide back and forth. So as you can see there are many sliding glass shower door systems available and many different styles to choose from. If you would like some more information and are in the Seattle area please feel free to reach out to us at (206)338-6080.