Stationary Panels

Stationary Panels are becoming a more and more featured layout for shower enclosures.  They work great in the ideal setting where the shower head doesn’t project water out, the enclosure space is large enough to contain water and your bathroom floors are waterproof.  They are available in 3/8 or ½ inch glass, clear, patterned or textured. You have the option of clamps or u-channel to install said Stationary Panel that is available in 15 different finishes to help match any bathroom project you may have. Stationary Panels are a cost friendly alternative to choosing a shower enclosure with a door, however some find there shower experience a bit drafty without the door holding all of the steam inside the enclosure. You can also use Stationary Panels as room dividers and to separate spaces in your bathroom like toilets and closets. Feel free to call or set up an appointment to discuss further whether a Stationary Panel is the right choice for you.