Glass treatments are a good thing to consider when purchasing a new frameless shower enclosure or framed shower enclosure. They help in sealing the porous glass to prevent hard water and soap scum from building up on your new beautiful shower door. After your custom shower enclosure is installed you will be glad you chose to protect it with such a product. There are two types of glass treatments that we offer here at Shower Door Specialties. The first is a topical glass treatment that is applied by our manufacture when the glass is cut. This product known as EnduroShield or EasyClean10 comes with a 10-year warranty honored by the producer of the glass treatment directly. The other glass treatment is ShowerGuard which is a ceramic coating that is baked into the glass at high temperature permanently boding to the glass of your shower enclosure. The neat thing is that ShowerGuard offers a lifetime warranty with this product ensuring that your shower door glass is beautiful for years to come. We know when purchasing a custom glass shower enclosure budgets are tight as it is often the last thing to be installed, so we always recommend doing some research and read reviews of what other customers are saying about such products. These products don’t mean you never have to clean your shower door glass again they will just help slow down build-up on the glass and make the maintenance of your custom shower enclosure easier. If you are located in the greater Seattle area and would like to learn more about the aforementioned products please feel free to reach us at (206)338-6080.