In the custom shower door world there are an array of glass types to decide from when designing your all glass enclosure. Low Iron glass is a relatively new look that gives the consumer a 6% gain in light transparency in your bathroom space, but more importantly removes the greenish look that is prevalent in large glass pieces with an open edge.

Low Iron

Regular Clear

Regular clear glass has a high iron content that provides the glass with strength to help in architectural applications. This iron that is added to the mix in production also gives the “clear” glass a slight greenish color on exposed edges, which may or may not be noticeable to the average consumer. It comes down to taste and personal opinion if the green tint is something that will be a problem for your custom shower door.  By limiting the amount of iron that is initially used in production glass manufactures are able to produce an almost crystal clear glass that looks stunning and is a beautiful addition to any home. However the price difference between clear and low iron glass is extreme, often double of what ordinary glass would be. It is something to seriously consider when shopping for your shower door and we recommend stopping by our showroom in Kent to compare samples of both side by side. The initial cost may be substantially higher but we have many customers who are completely content with paying the higher price for something they are happy with. If you are located in the greater Seattle area and would like a free estimate or to talk more about available glass options please feel free to reach out to us.