Swinging Shower Doors

Swinging shower doors are the most straight forward approach when purchasing and designing a frameless shower enclosure. The provide usability, function and are robust to help guarantee a product that will be water tight and last long into the future. They are able to swing in and out giving you an option for access to water control and entry. They can be hinged off the wall or another piece of glass depending on what your bathroom layout requires.

Wall to Glass Hinges

This is the most dependable and affordable layout option, using the strength of your wall our technicians can drill through any substrate and attach these hinges into the wood stubs behind your tile or stone. It is our opinion that if possible these are the best way to go to ensure you have a lasting maintenance free product.

Glass to Glass Hinges

A lot of the times the layout of your bathroom will dictate where and how the door of your shower enclosure will open. In some cases hinging off of another piece of glass is the only viable option. This can be more costly and in some cases you may be forced to use a header bar to support the weight of the door hinging off a glass panel.

Pivot Hinges

A smooth option that allows for a very minimal look as the hinges are attached to the top and of the door. The downside of the location of the bottom hinge make it less water tight and may not be a suitable option for smaller enclosure depending on shower head location.